Sunday, November 1   Special Anniversary Mass-Cardinal Mahony, Los Angeles-3:30 pm
Monday, November 2   All Souls Day Mass-St. Stanislaus Cemetery, Modesto-9:00 am
Tuesday, November 3   "Our Future on a Shared Planet: Silicon Valley in Conversation
with the Environmental Teachings of Pope Francis"
Santa Clara University-11:30 am
    Alliance for Catholic Education (ACE)-Notre Dame University Meeting-4:00 pm
Wednesday, November 4   SEEDS Board Meeting-7:00 am
    Collaborative Ministry Meeting-8:30 am
    Presbyteral Council Meeting-11:00 am
    College of Consultors & Vicars Forane-12:30 pm
    Finance Council Meeting-3:00 pm
Thursday, November 5   Pastoral Center Leadership Team (PCLT) Meeting-10:30 am
    Sisters Gathering-St. Anthony Church, Manteca-5:00 pm
Saturday, November 7   Diocesan Pastoral Council (DPC) Meeting-8:30 am
Sunday, November 8   Mass-Cathedral of the Annunciation, Stockton-9:00 am
    St. Mary's High School Presidents Club Dinner, Stockton-5:00 pm
Monday, November 9   Mass-Cathedral of the Annunciation, Stockton-6:30 am
Tuesday, November 10   Liturgical Commission Meeting-4:00 pm
Wednesday, November 11   Offices Closed in observance of Veterans' Day
    Mass, Sisters of the Cross, Modesto-7:00 am
Thursday, November 12   PCLT Meeting-10:30 am
Friday, November 13   Deans Meeting-1:30 pm
    Confirmation-St. Joseph Church, Modesto-7:00 pm
Saturday, November 14   Mass-Gran Congreso Carismatico, Stockton Civic Auditorium-4:00 pm
    Vocation Dinner-Our Lady of Fatima, Modesto-6:00 pm
Sunday, November 15-19   USCCB General Meeting, Baltimore, MD
Friday, November 20   Congregations Building Community (CBC) Gala-4:00 pm 
    Fraternity Dinner, Stockton-6:00 pm
Sunday, November 22   Installation Mass for Fr. David Dutra-St. Bernard Church, Tracy-10:00 am
    Mass-Morris Chapel, Stockton-8:00 pm
Monday, November 23   Mass-Cathedral of the Annunciation, Stockton-6:00 am
    PCLT Meeting-10:30 am
Tuesday, November 24   Blue Mass-St. Mary's High School, Stockton-9:00 am
Wednesday, November 25   Mass-Elmhaven, Stockton-11:00 am
    Deans Meeting-1:30 pm
Thursday, November 26-27   Thanksgiving Holiday-Offices Closed
Sunday, November 29   Mass-Cathedral of the Annunciation, Stockton-9:00 am
Monday, November 30   Mass-Cathedral of the Annunciation, Stockton-6:30 am



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