Office of the Bishop

Bishop of Stockton: The Most Reverend Myron J. Cotta
Vicar General/Moderator of the Curia: The Rev. Monsignor Richard J. Ryan, J.C.D.
Chancellor: Dyan Hollenhorst 

Vicar for Priests: The Rev. Monsignor John M. Armistead, S.T.L


Executive Secretary to Bishop Myron J. Cotta: Hedy Yurong-Olaso
209/466-0636 ext. 602
Executive Assistant to the Vicar General and Chancellor: Alicia Alcantara
209/466-0636 ext. 617

Executive Assistant to the Vicar for Priests: Patricia Ianni

209/466-0636 ext. 618

Social Justice Advocate: Deacon Mike Wofford
Business Development Consultant: Carina Deleon
209/466-0636 ext. 651

Apostolado Hispano

Director of Apostolado Hispano: Digna Ramirez-Lopez
209/466-0636 ext. 628
        Administrative Assistant: M. Claudia Ortiz
209/466-0636 ext. 627

Catholic Charities

Executive Director of Catholic Charities: Elvira Ramirez

Catholic Schools Office

Director for Catholic Schools: Marian Graham
209/466-0636 ext. 654

Administrative Assistant: Becky Moreno

209/466-0636 ext. 638


Catholic Cemeteries

Director of Catholic Cemeteries: Al Vigil
209/466-6202      Fax: 209/465-2856


        Director of Communications: Joseph Dondero
209/466-0636 ext. 659

Development Office

Chief Development Officer: Victor Mitre, Jr.
209/466-0636 Fax 209/952-1488
Assistant Director of Development: Martha McCoy
209/466-0636 ext. 646


CFO: Doug Adel
209/466-0636 ext. 613
Controller: Debbie Johnson
209/466-0636 ext. 615
Accountant: Nancy Garcia-Anastacio
209/466-0636 ext. 653

Accountant: Lucian Neagu

209/466-0636 ext. 614

Human Resources

Director of Human Resources: Linda Dillen
209/466-0636 ext. 641

Benefits/Safe Environment: Cathy Lagomarsino

209/466-0636 ext. 611

Migrant Ministry

Director: Jose Lopez-Ceja
209/466-0636 ext. 632
Migrant Pastoral Ministry: Sr. Alicia Lopez
209/466-0636 ext. 656
Migrant Pastoral Ministry: Sr. Lourdez Gonzalez
209/466-0636 ext. 655

Newman Centers

Chaplain, University of the Pacific, Stockton: Lisandro Pena
Pastor, All Saints University Parish, Turlock: Rev. Matthew O'Donnell

Permanent Diaconate

        Director: Deacon Greg Yeager
Executive Assistant – (Clergy Support Services):  Patricia Ianni
209/466-0636 ext. 618

Office of Religious Education

Director: Grace Garza-Ayala
209/466-0636 ext. 622
Administrative Assistant: Leticia Rodriguez
209/466-0636 ext. 621
Administrative Assistant, Ministry Day:
209/466-0636 ext. 652

Life and Dignity Ministry 

Director: Kim Fuentes
Call toll free within the Diocese at 1-800-396-8777


Seminarian & Permanent Diaconate Formation

        Director: Sr. Wanda Billion, MSC
209/466-0636 ext. 619
Executive Assistant – (Clergy Support Services): Patricia Ianni
209/466-0636 ext. 618

School of Ministry

Director: Dominador Bombongan
209/466-0636 ext. 631
Administrative Assistant: Isela Quezada
209/466-0636 ext. 630 
Operations Assistant: Cynthia Chavez
209/466-0636 ext. 658

Tribunal Office

Judicial Vicar: The Rev. Luis Navarro, J.C.L. 
Administrative Assistant: Pat Cumpian
209/466-0636 ext. 608

Vicar for Priests

        Director: The Rev. Monsignor John Armistead, S.T.L.
209/466-0636 ext. 634
        Executive Assistant –  Patricia Ianni
209/466-0636 ext. 618

Vocations to the Priesthood

Director: Rev. Cesar Martinez

Office for Worship

Director: Michael Schmitz
209/466-0636 ext. 637

Youth and Young Adult Ministry, Hispanic

Director: Jose Lopez-Ceja
209/466-0636 ext. 632
        Administrative Assistant: M. Claudia Ortiz
209/466-0636 ext. 627


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