Finance Department Annual Invoices/Statements/Request




    January (1st week)    Annual Service Fee Invoice
    January, April, July, Oct (3rd-4th week)  Quarterly Statements (Service Fee, Workers Comp, Property & Liability Insurance, Retirement, Interest – Revocable Loans)
    Dec/January  Worker’s Comp Invoices
    February 10 & August 10 Interest payouts on Revocable Deposits,
on Revocable Deposits
    Late February/
Early March
Priest Retirement Invoices
(payable to U. S. Bank)
    March/April Lay Retirement Invoices
    July (3rd-4th week) Extern Priest Retirement Invoices
    July (2nd week) Request for Annual Financial Report
    July/August Property & Liability Insurance Invoice
    August (3rd week) Annual Financial Report Due
    October 1st  Special Events Insurance Renewal – forms subject to change. Changes typically discussed at September NDA meeting.












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