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Recommendations for Liturgy During the Flu Season


As you have undoubtedly seen in the news, the flu outbreak this year is particularly bad. While it is just beginning to spread through Northern California, it is prudent to take common sense precautions. Therefore, Bishop Blaire has made the following recommendations:


  • The faithful should be encouraged to bow to each other during the Sign of Peace, rather than shake hands;
  • The faithful should be encouraged to not hold hands during the Our Father, if doing so is a common practice in the parish;
  • Communion should be given under the species of bread alone;
  • All Ordinary and Extraordinary ministers of communion should thoroughly wash their hands with soap and water just before and after Mass, and purify their hands with alcohol based antibacterial gel immediately before and after the distribution of Holy Communion;
  • Anyone who is ill or not feeling well, even the celebrant, should refrain from distributing Holy Communion.
  • Holy Water fonts, especially small, stagnant cups of Holy Water by the doors to churches, should be thoroughly cleaned with soap and hot water on a regular basis. Immersion fonts with circulating water and filters should be treated normally.

This flu season started early and it is unclear if it will be a long season or end earlier than normal. Once it begins to pass, the distribution of communion under both species should begin again.













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