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Suggested Intercessions for Bishop Blaire and All Who Are Ill


Attached is a sampling of possible intercessions that you could utilize over the coming months in your parish to continue to prayer for Bishop Blaire and his recovery. They are in Spanish and in English. There are also some beautiful intercessions for those who are sick or in need of healing in Appendix V of the Roman Missal, "Examples of Formularies for the Universal Prayer." We hope these resources are helpful to you and your parish.


Reflec­tions on the Mass Col­lects

The Fed­er­a­tion of Dioce­san Litur­gi­cal Com­mis­sions has com­pleted a project to pro­vide brief reflec­tions on the col­lects of the Mass for each Sun­day and holy day of oblig­a­tion through­out the year. These reflec­tions are intended for cel­e­brants, as well as for all who pre­pare the liturgy for the parish. They are free of charge and can be found at:



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