Safe Environment Program Protocol


Training protocol for clergy, employees and volunteers who provide direct services
to or have unsupervised contact with children.

  As mandated or ethical reporters of child abuse, all clergy, employees and volunteers, before working unsupervised with children, will be required to
complete the following:
  • Complete the Live Scan process which includes fingerprinting and background check and receive a clearance from the Safe Environment Training Manager’s Office.
  • Complete the online training course “Shield the Vulnerable” and present a certificate of completion to the parish Safe Environment Coordinator.

Included in the online training is a condensed version of the "Diocese of Stockton Standards of Conduct for Those Working with Children and Young People", which needs to be reviewed before being able to complete the course.

All policies, procedures and Codes of Conduct are outlined in detail on the Diocesan website.

  • All Clergy are required to read and sign the Pastoral Code of Conduct.
  Training protocol for children and youth in the Diocese of Stockton:
  All children and youth attending parochial schools within the Diocese of Stockton, ages K-8, and high school, and also all children and youth attending religious education classes within the Diocese of Stockton will be required to receive the safety curriculum. The curriculum used in the Diocese of Stockton is an age-appropriate curriculum entitled Circle of Grace.
  For more information contact:
Linda Dillen, Diocesan Safe Environment Training Manager
209/466-0636, Ext. 611








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