Welcome to the Office of Religious Education for the Diocese of Stockton.


The Office exists to assist parish communities in their tasks of forming people of the Paschal Mystery that radiate God’s love, justice and truth to the world and continue the mission of Jesus Christ.


Whom should we contact?


We exist:  





– to provide formation for parish catechetical leaders;

– to assist parishes in the selection of catechetical materials;

– to provide consultation on catechetical matters especially by site visits;

– to conduct regular surveys to determine the number of adults, youth, children receiving catechetical instruction;

– to promote the formation of catechists;

– to  encourage and motivate catechists through diocesan and parish commissioning rites, recognition ceremonies, and ongoing affirmation;

– to keep catechetical personnel informed concerning church documents and recommendations that pertain to catechesis. GDC, # 269; NDC #59 (adapted)


Do you know?


– That there are over 2,500 catechists in the Diocese of Stockton.

– That they teach the Catholic Faith to more than 18,000 children and youth.


The Office of Religious Education, committed to a ministry of presence and enablement, exists to assist the Bishop in his teaching mission; it exists to serve you! Please contact us (209/466-0636) if you have questions, concerns or if you believe you are called to serve in catechetical ministry.



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