Ministry Day Program 2019
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What is Ministry Day?
Ministry Day is the Annual Adult Faith Formation Conference of the Diocese of Stockton.
The Conference provides:
– a  professional development opportunity for all parish ministers
– a day of spiritual enrichment and growth in faith for all Catholics
– an occasion to affirm our commitment to carry out the mission of the Church
– a Sabbath moment in time to re-connect with God and with one-another
– a day to bear witness to our faith and Catholic identity
– a occasion to gather as a diocese around our Bishop as co-workers in the vineyard and disciples of Christ
Ministry Day is a must for all who take their baptismal call and their spiritual journey seriously.
Some history bits
Ministry Day began in 1973, as the first “Diocesan Institute”.
– The primary goal of the Institute was to assist parish catechists by providing them with techniques to develop better classroom management, lesson planning, good discipline and creating a welcoming environment.
– Art and crafts for the CCD class was a must.
– All three workshops were offered in English.
The focus of “Diocesan Institute” was on the how-to and workshops were hands-on.
Forty years later, the Diocesan Ministry Day has evolved into a lifelong formation opportunity not only for parish ministers, but for all adult Catholics and for those seeking to become Catholics.


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