Seminarian Education


“No priest comes to the altar by himself or for himself alone.”

Monsignor Aloys Conrad Gruber, upon his retirement
after 44 years of priestly service to the Diocese of Stockton

  Donations to Seminarian Education help support the young men who have been called by God to the priesthood. The Diocese bears the cost of tuition, room & board for each of our seminarians. By supporting our seminarians throughout discernment, they have the freedom to follow God’s will without asking, “Can I afford it?” Most candidates come with no independent means of support, no “nest egg.” With your gifts, money will never serve as a roadblock between young men and the priesthood.  Says Bishop Stephen Blaire, “Money can never be an issue for a viable candidate.”
  It costs the Diocese over $35,000 each year for each of our seminarians. This includes room & board, tuition, books, medical insurance, and a small annual stipend. The road to becoming a priest is challenging, long, and expensive. It is important to support the young men who have heard the call from God. What can you do?
  It is not practical for all of us to be directly involved in educating our seminarians. Donating to the Seminarian Education program gives us the opportunity to participate in the work Jesus calls us to do, in an effective and efficient way.
  • Pray for our seminarians.
  • Encourage the young men in your life to consider the priesthood.
  • Support the Diocesan Vocations Office and your parish Vocations Committee.
  • Make a donation to support the Diocese of Stockton Seminarian Education.
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Meet our Seminarians:  Click here to read about our seminarians.


How can I help? Download, print, and mail your Seminarian Education Donation-Form to help support the Seminarian Education Program. Mail to:


Seminarian Education
c/o Office of Development & Stewardship
Diocese of Stockton
212 North San Joaquin Street
Stockton, CA 95202-2409

    For more information about how you can support our Seminarians, please contact the Office of Development & Stewardship at 209/466-0636.  


















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