Case fees


A non-refundable filing-fee of $100 is required with the submission of all cases. There are also additional fees for processing most cases. A payment plan for the remaining fee can be negotiated with the petitioner once the case is accepted.


The fees for cases are as follows, these charges include the $100 filing fee:


Formal Petition $800


Lack of Canonical Form $100


Ligamen (Prior Bond) $300


Defect of Canonical Form $300


Pauline Privilege $500


Favor of the Faith (Petrine Privilege) $800; Plus fee charged by Rome


Ratified Non Consummation $500; Plus fee charged by Rome


Ordinary Exam at the Court of Second Instance $100


Appeal to the Rota $200, Administrative Fee; Plus fee charged by Rome




In some cases the judge may ask a petitioner to cover certain extraordinary expenses such as consultation with a professional expert. In those instances an effort will be made to accommodate the financial circumstances of the petitioner.




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