What if I am unable to pay the court fees?


Court costs are assessed in order to pay for the operation of the tribunal office (c. 1649). The payments which are collected from petitioners cover approximately one half of the actual expenses. The Diocese of Stockton subsidizes the remainder of the cost of operation.

  The right to a just decision, however, is not dependent on the ability to pay. Petitioners are asked to help defray the expenses of the tribunal to the extent they are able.
  A non-refundable filing fee of $100 is requested with the submission of a formal petition. The additional fee for a formal case is $700, bringing the total cost to $800. A payment plan for the cost is negotiated with the petitioner by the tribunal once the case has been accepted.
  In some cases the judge may ask a petitioner to cover certain extraordinary expenses such as consultation with a professional expert. In those instances the effort will be made to accommodate the financial abilities of the petitioner.


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