Concern for the health and well-being of Priests

    The Vicar for Priests will encourage, through various means, the general health and well-being of the priests in the diocese.
    He will provide and distribute materials, when available and appropriate, on physical well-being and health. He will promote the practice of regular rest and recreation among the priests.

He will cooperate with the Director of Pastoral Leadership Development to provide priests with information concerning conferences, workshops and specialists dealing with such subjects as ministerial development for the newly ordained and recently appointed pastors, language studies, speech enhancement, etc.


He will encourage priests to take care of their intellectual well-being through reading and study.

    He will see to their social and secular needs, especially in the case of priests who come from other nations. Priests should have adequate health insurance, financial stability and savings and appropriate knowledge of local laws and customs.
    He will exhort priests to maintain healthy spirituality by having a spiritual director, participating in priests' support groups, making annual retreats, etc.


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