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“We are always priests with all our soul and with all our heart. Being an ambassador of Christ is a mission that penetrates our entire being.” – POPE FRANCIS


Pray for our priests in retirement & give to the Priest Retirement Fund



Our priests stand by us in times of trial, rejoice in our times of celebration, and bring Christ to us through the Sacraments. They’ve been with us for the major moments of life — baptisms, weddings, funerals — and are a guiding presence in our everyday lives. Once their full-time priestly ministry has concluded and they retire, we can’t, and shouldn’t, forget them.



Yes, the Diocese of Stockton has a duty to look after its retired priests. In joining the priesthood, our priests answer a call from God, and they spend many years of their lives serving us and serving God.


As priests age, it is very important to provide for their spiritual, material and medical needs. In the spirit of love, we must provide a dignified retirement for our priests. The fund helps with cost of living expenses including insurance, healthcare, transportation and housing.



The Priest Retirement Fund represents our commitment to our beloved priests who have dedicated their lives to serving the faithful of the Stockton of Diocese.


A priest who is 70 years of age is eligible for retirement. In retirement, a priest receives a modest pension in this season of life. However, at times this leaves many priests to retire in vulnerable circumstances. The Priest Retirement Fund allows each of us to support our retired priests in their time of need.



Your prayerful gift to the Priest Retirement Fund is a direct opportunity to thank these faithful shepherds by ensuring our retired priests are able to have a secure retirement.

Consider giving a financial gift in honor of a particular priest. This is a great way to express gratitude for a priest who has had a remarkable impact upon you, the life of your family and your faith.




Donate online:


Donate by check: Please make payable to ”Diocese of Stockton – Priest Retirement Fund” and mail to: Office of Development & Stewardship 212 North San Joaquin Street Stockton, CA 95202-2409


Download the Priest Retirement brochure: Click here.


Download the Priest Retirement Gift Form: Click here.





“I’ve been told that I ought to slow down and not work so much. But I like doing the things that priests do!”

Fr. Larry Guerrero 



“To me it’s a very rewarding job. I really enjoy seeing families being so grateful. The patient is very happy to be able to receive the sacrament before dying.”

Fr. Alvaro Araque


“Most of the priests that have served in this Diocese have left their families and what they know as young people. They came to Stockton to be of service to people, and in a very real way, gave their lives to our community.”

Monsignor John Armistead

Vicar for Priests


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