Basic facts about
our Diocese

The Dio­cese of Stockton—comprising the coun­ties of San Joaquin, Stanis­laus, Calav­eras, Tuolumne, Alpine, and Mono—covers 10,023 square miles with a total pop­u­la­tion of 1,376,940 peo­ple. The Catholic pop­u­la­tion of the dio­cese is 298,061. There are 105 priests that ser­vice thirty-five parishes and four­teen missions.

Diver­sity in
our Dio­cese

The dio­cese is geo­graph­i­cally and eth­ni­cally diverse. The major­ity of the pop­u­la­tion lives in the San Joaquin Val­ley. The two major pop­u­la­tion cities are Stock­ton and Modesto. San Joaquin County has grown by 54% in the past ten years. The dio­cese has shown a sig­nif­i­cant pop­u­la­tion increase in all coun­ties except Alpine County. The major­ity of San Joaquin Val­ley is farm­ing, and there are many migrant camps in which the Church has a presence.

Details about the six
coun­ties in which
we are located

Calav­eras, Tuolumne, and Alpine coun­ties are located on the west­ern side of the Sierra Nevada moun­tain range. Most parishes in these coun­ties date back to the gold rush days. Mono County is on the east­ern side of the Sierra Nevada Moun­tain range and is usu­ally cut off from the rest of the dio­cese dur­ing win­ter. The parish church located in Mam­moth Lakes pro­vides for the spir­i­tual care of vaca­tion­ers dur­ing the win­ter and summer.The largest racial/ethnic groups in our Dio­cese are White and His­panic. There are also many of Fil­ipino and South East Asian descent. The largest Azorean Por­tuguese pop­u­la­tion out­side the Azores is found in the Dio­cese of Stockton.

Our Dif­fer­ent
Eth­nic Gifts
It is esti­mated that 60% of the dioce­san Catholic pop­u­la­tion is His­panic. How­ever, this does not imply that Span­ish is their first lan­guage, only that their her­itage is Span­ish. The largest Pacific Island com­mu­nity is the Fil­ipino com­mu­nity, which is fol­lowed by the Asians with the high­est num­ber being Viet­namese. The USCCB state­ment Asian and Pacific Pres­ence lists the Dio­cese of Stock­ton as among the top thirty dio­ce­ses in the United States with the high­est Asian and Pacific Island population.


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