Elected at Large   Elected by Age Group

Rev. Misael Avila
Rev. Ramon Bejarano
Rev. William Kraft
Rev. Mark Wagner
Rev. Brandon Ware
Rev. Sam West

  Rev. Msgr. John Armistead, STL
Rev. Chad Wahl








Appointed   Ex-Officio
Rev. Joseph Maghi­nay
Rev. John Peter Pragasam
  Rev. Msgr. Richard Ryan, JCD
Observer   Recording Secretary
Dyan Hollenhorst   Rev. Ernesto Madrigal
The Coun­cil of Priests, or Pres­byteral Coun­cil, meets bi-monthly. The twelve (12) Coun­cilors serve a 5-year term and are eli­gi­ble for re-election or re-appointment. The Coun­cil is advi­sory to the Bishop on all issues per­tain­ing to parish life and on major issues per­tain­ing to the oper­a­tion of the diocese. The Coun­cil func­tions as a “Sen­ate of the Bishop.” At each meet­ing the Bishop and the mem­bers spend about an hour in gen­eral dis­cus­sion before begin­ning the sched­uled agenda. There is a free flow of ideas and hon­est exchange on the pas­toral issues of the diocese.Major con­cerns are com­mu­ni­cated between the Pres­byteral Coun­cil and the rest of the priests in regional Dean­ery Meet­ings. The Bishop meets with the Deans two weeks after the Pres­byteral Coun­cil Meet­ings so that the work of the Coun­cil can be com­mu­ni­cated to the Deans for their meet­ings with the priests in the eight regions.


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