Diocesan Finance Council


The Finance Council over which the bishop or his delegate presides consists currently of ten (10) members of the Christian faithful truly expert in financial affairs and civil law, outstanding in integrity, and appointed to serve a five year term. Members may be reappointed. The Finance Council advises the bishop on all significant financial matters including but not limited to financial policies, the annual diocesan budget, investments, and the purchase and sale of property.


Bishop Myron Cotta
Msgr. Richard Ryan
Mr. Doug Adel 


Appointed Members

Mr. Paul Schaefer, Chair

Mr. Joseph Arias
Mr. Kevin Dougherty
Mr. Tom Driscoll
Ms. Maria Stokman  

Bill Trezza

Fr Brandon Ware

Peter Morelli

Ralph Juarez

Teresa Locke

Mr. Fred Lee




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