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Q. How do I file an issue?
A. You complete a written form regarding the issue that you want to bring before the DPC. The form can be obtained at your parish office or on line or by clicking on the attached file above.

Q. Can I file anonymously?
A. No, the DPC only considers forms that come from an identified individual or group so that the sender is available for additional information.


Q. What is the DPC and what will it do with my issue/complaint?
A. The DPC or Diocesan Pastoral Council is a committee religious and lay persons who consult with the Bishop on matters of importance within the diocese.


Q. Can I file any type of issue?
A. The issues that the DPC will consider are large pastoral issues that affect more than one parish and focus on the synod goals.


Q. What are the Synod Goals?
A. The goals address the topics of effective communications, cultural diversity, life-long faith development, family unity, transparent financial information, cultivation of leadership, liturgy, social justice, welcoming church and youth ministry. For further information, click here.


Q. What if I have an issue that doesn’t address a Synod goal? What do I do?
A. This issue should be given to your Pastor and /or the Parish Pastoral Council


Q. Will I be contacted after I submit my issue?
A Yes, you will receive a letter of acknowledgement and a letter reporting the outcome of your issue.


Q. Who will review my issue to determine if it fits the criteria?
A. The issue will be received by the Chancellor who forwards it to an elected DPC committee. They examine it for three criteria: 1) its fit within the Synod goals; 2) its immediacy and 3) the number of Catholics in the diocese who are affected by the issue. The committee forwards the review to the DPC Executive Committee who may place it on the agenda of future council meetings.


Q. Will Bishop Blaire receive my issue?
A. If the issue fits within the guidelines, it will be placed on the agenda of future DPC meetings for consultation with Bishop Blaire.


Q. Can I speak to someone in person about my issue?
A. At the present time you submit the issue in writing on a completed issues form. If you need assistance in completing the form, please ask your pastor for help.



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