History of the Diocese of Stockton

Creating  our Diocese Recognizing the increasing population in the great Central Valley and Mother Lode region of California, the Apostolic See formed the Diocese of Stockton from territory taken from the Archdiocese of San Francisco and the Diocese of Sacramento.


Bishop Hugh Donohoe Bishop Hugh A. Donohoe, was installed as the first bishop on April 24, 1962. During his stewardship the diocese saw the growth of St. Joseph’s Hospital, the beginning of the Cursillo movement in the area, and the first diocesan pastoral council. Bishop Donohoe was committed to promoting dialogue between farmers and workers.


Bishop Merlin Guilfoyle Bishop Merlin Guilfoyle succeeded Bishop Donohoe and was installed on January 13, 1970. During his tenure, there was both great growth and great financial struggle within the Catholic schools of the diocese.


Bishop Roger Mahony Bishop Roger Mahony was installed as the third bishop of Stockton on April 17, 1980. In the late Seventies after the Vietnam War, great numbers of Vietnamese, Laotians, Cambodians and Hmong settled in the Stockton and Modesto areas. Catholic Charities and the St. Vincent De Paul Society worked with the Southeast Asian community to begin the slow, difficult process of integration. In 1981, Bishop Mahony conducted a diocesan-wide convocation, resulting in a mission statement for the diocese and ten major goals with an emphasis on spiritual renewal.


Bishop Donald Montrose After Bishop Mahony was named Archbishop of Los Angeles, Bishop Donald Montrose was installed February 20, 1986. Bishop Montrose brought a contemplative community of religious women, the Religious of the Cross of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, to the diocese. Bishop Montrose oversaw the growth of the School of Ministry, the RENEW program, and the increase of Spanish speaking priests in the diocese. He retired in 1999.


Bishop Stephen Blaire Bishop Stephen E. Blaire was installed as the fifth bishop of Stockton on March 16, 1999. Bishop Blaire held the diocesan Synod in 2006. He is the current Bishop of Stockton.


A History of our Diocese “One in Christ: A Short History of the Diocese of Stockton, 1962-2002” written by Jim Shebl and Mary Cabrini Durkin



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Chapitre 4 Diocesan Development


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Chapitre 6 Social Issues


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